Why WPC Doors are better than FRP Doors?

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Why WPC Doors are better than FRP Doors?

WPC stands for Wood Plastic Composite. It is made up of a combination of wood fiber and plastic. FRP stands for Fiber Reinforced Plastic that is made up of a sandwich structure that consists of two high-strength Glass Fiber Polymers composites.

In past days FRP door was used more and has advantages such as waterproof, termite proof, fire retardant, and many more in comparison to other wooden doors and plywood doors.

FRP Door is made on standard moulds which takes more time to prepare the final products.

FRP Doors are widely used in a commercial and residential area, by giving their attractive looks. But nowadays another product has come up in place of FRP door. The product is WPC DOOR which has more advantages and looks better than FRP Door.

Here we have mentioned some points which clearly say that the WPC door is far better than the FRP door.

  1. Use of Toxic Chemicals

Toxic chemicals which cause cancer and also leave a negative impact on the body are used in making FRP Doors. But there is no use of toxic chemicals while manufacturing WPC Door and door frames.

  1. Money

The cost of products always plays a greater role while choosing products. It will not be wrong to say that WPC Door is not only a quality product but is also cheaper than FRP Door. WPC doors are cheaper than plywood and other types of doors also and there is no additional expense. WPC Door is better than FRP Door not only in quality but also in the cost of the product also.

  1. Designs

FRP Doors gives an entrancing look to the interiors and exteriors of the establishments. But there is one problem in FRP DOOR, the designs of the doors are very limited and selective which is the greater disadvantage of FRP DOOR. But in case of WPC door, there are not any design limitations. WPC Doors are plain surfaces over which any type of surface treatment can be done according to the choice of customers. This will make a WPC DOOR a better selection over FRP Doors.

  1. Delivery Time

FRP Doors are manufactured in a manual process because of which more time is needed to manufacture and demand is not fulfilled on a timely basis. But WPC DOOR is manufactured in an automated process which means bulk orders can be produced in a less period of time without compromising its quality.

  1. Advisable Application

It is advised that FRP Door fit best in bathroom or toilet but with that too you have to handle them with more care avoiding an embarrassing situation. But if you choose WPC Door then you can experience a fix and forget the experience which is one of the best advantages over FRP door.

Here above-mentioned points prove that WPC Door is far better than FRP Door. If you want to buy WPC Door for your interior and exteriors house, building, and other areas then you can contact us. Surya Kiran Fiber Industries is one of the best industries which manufactured WPC Door for their valuable customers.

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