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Manhole Cover

A manhole covers, also known as a Sewer Cover, Chamber Cover, the manual cover, etc.. is a removable plate that forms the lid over the opening of a manhole, an open large hole area enough for a person to pass through which is used as an access point for an underground area or pipe. It is specially designed to prevent anyone from falling inside an underground hole and to keep out away unauthorized persons and material.

There are different types of Manhole Covers i.e SMC(Sheet Moulding Compound), FRP(Fibre Reinforced Plastic), GRP(Glass Reinforced Plastic), BMC(Bulk Molding Compound) Cast Iron Manhole Cover.
But in our company, we manufactured SMC Manhole Cover which is one of the best types of manhole covers.

We are pioneer in SMC Manhole Cover in South Asia.

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Different Shapes of Manhole Cover

1. Round Manhole Cover

Round Manhole Cover is made up of high-quality SMC material which is a high stretch resistance bend resistance, lightweight, corrosion resistance, and durability. It is widely used in different areas like municipal roads, electricity, residential areas, telecommunication, and other areas.

The Features Of Round Manhole Cover:

1. Round Manhole Cover is round in shape. We manufactured different sizes of round manhole cover. They are:

  • Round (725mm*600mm)
  • Round (880mm*700mm)

2.Round Manhole cover has high wear resistance performance.

3. Also, it has Shock absorption by rubber sealing.

4. It helps to prevent harmful smell leakage.

How to measure the size of round manhole cover?

To measure a round manhole cover you can measure the diameter of the holes firstly and then you can choose a suitable manhole cover to install in that area.

Round Manhole Cover

2. Square Manhole Cover

Square Manhole cover is lighter than any other type of manhole cover which helps to reduce the transportation cost. Also square manhole cover has high strength, aging resistance, and high-temperature resistance.

The Features Of Square Manhole Cover:

1.Square Manhole Cover is square in shape. We manufactured different sizes of square manhole cover. They are:

  • Square Net (670mm*620mm)
  • Square (670mm*625mm)
  • Square (670mm*570mm)
  • Square (400mm*300mm)
  • Square (580mm*460mm)
  • Square (400mm*300mm 5 Ton)

2. Square Manhole Cover is lightly weighted which helps to reduce the damage to the human spine and fingers during the installation process.

3. Square Manhole Cover has high stretch resistance and bend resistance.

How to measure the size of Square Manhole Covers?

To measure square manhole cover you can measure the clear opening width of the holes then select a suitable square manhole cover to install.

Square Manhole Cover

How to choose a Suitable manhole cover in different places?

It is must important to choose a suitable manhole cover by selecting the correct dimension in different places. The manhole cover needs to place securely over the hole you are covering so it is very necessary to measure the inside dimension of a hole.

Manhole Cover
Scopes Of Manhole Cover

Manhole Cover Characteristics

  1. No Scrap And Stealing Values to avoid injury.
  2. Excellent Abrasion Resistance
  3. Reduce Noise
  4. Surface Performance


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