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WPC DOOR is made from a combination of wood fiber and plastic.

WPC Door i.e (Wood Plastic Composite)is made up of 70% of virgin polymer, 15% of wood powder, and the remaining 15% of additive chemical.

They are the best alternative for natural wood as well as Polywood. WPC Door Frame has more internal strength, weight.

WPC Door Frames are waterproof and have great adaptability to outdoor conditions. They are made with PVC-based Wood polymer composite.

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Why choose Surya Kiran Fiber Industries Pvt.Ltd WPC Door?

  • Surya Kiran Fiber Industries manufacture attractive WPC doors designed for long-life security and durability.
  • Surya Kiran Fiber Industries provide you a quality assured WPC doors every time.
  • The WPC door manufactured from Surya Kiran Fiber Industries is very cost-effective.

WPC DOOR Characteristics

  • Machine Process WPC door panel
  • Cheap and durable
  • Weather Proof
  • Mite / Termite proof
  • Distortion / Bend proof
  • Easy fitting
  • Cold And Heat resistant
  • Coloring can be done as per need
Features of WPC Product

Advantage Of WPC Door

  1. WPC DOOR are 100% termite-proof and waterproof. WPC DOOR are durable as compared to other door frames.
  2. WPC DOOR does not corrode and are highly resistant to rot, decay, and marine attack.
  3. WPC DOOR does not require paintings, staining, and oiling.
  4. As per customer requirements and needs, it can be molded into different shapes and sizes.
  5. WPC Door is a polymer-based product and also it is self-extinguishing and does not ignite the fire when it is in touch with a fire source.
  6. While preparing WPC Door, no trees are cut which means they are environment-friendly products leading to a green evolution

Read: Advantages of WPC Door for more detailed information about WPC Doors.

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