SMC Manhole V/S Cast Iron Manhole Cover

SMC Manhole V/S Cast Iron Manhole Cover

SMC manhole cover has gained huge popularity in the past ten years by producing high-quality products. SMC manhole cover is a Fiber Reinforced Plastic(FRP) cover made up of fiberglass and an unsaturated polyester resin having higher stretch resistance and bend resistance. SMC Manhole cover is made through a compression molding process.

Cast Iron Manhole Covers are traditional manhole covers which customer refers to more due to their cheap price but it has many disadvantages as they rust easily after certain times, are difficult to handle, brittle, and need high maintenance cost.

Reasons why SMC Manhole Cover is better than Cast Iron Manhole Covers

SMC Manhole Cover is light-weighted, better at bearing the loads, anti-slip, anti-corrosive, durable, has higher stretch and bend resistance, and also reduces the operation costs and save energy. It is used for sewer manholes, water manholes, electricity manholes, etc. SMC Manhole Cover has sealing gasket rubber which prevents odor from escaping out in the sewer manhole. Since the SMC manhole cover has zero scrap value, there is no risk of theft.

Cast iron manhole covers are made of cast iron and have scrap values due to which there is a high risk of theft. Heavyweight cast iron manhole covers have the risk of injury and less suitable for the corrosive environment and have high conductivity capacity (electricity flows easily through them). That’s why SMC manhole cover is better than a cast manhole cover.

SMC manhole has long life service and also solves the stolen problem. SMC manhole covers used in road systems have a higher load-bearing capacity and bend resistance. Due to its excellent aging resistance capacity, it has light stability and moisture resistance which helps to preserve its beautiful color for a long. These products are available in any color, size, and pattern which is rare in cast iron to see.


comparison between SMC Manhole and Cast Iron Manhole Cover
SMC Manhole V/S Cast Iron Manhole Cover

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